OK, you have come through the daydreaming and fantasizing stage, and now you are ready to do some serious looking. You have narrowed your search down to the North Idaho Panhandle (good choice!) and you want to see the properties that are available that fit your wish list. So here is a brief explanation of how the real estate business works:

We Cover The World

Any licensed agent belonging to the Multiple Listing Service can sell any MLS listing. I have access to every listing in the Multiple Listing Services from the Canadian border to south of Coeur d’Alene. My website has a direct link to all these properties, and the information is super-fresh, it is updated every fifteen minutes. It doesn’t matter whose name or which agency is on the sign: I can show it and sell it!

Buyers Rep / Sellers Rep

I provide representation for both sides of the transaction. When I act on behalf of the Buyer, I strive to get you the best deal, with no surprises. When I act for the Seller, I promise to get you the best price in the shortest time to marketing. In either case, I promise to represent your interests fairly and honestly, and to make the entire experience as smooth as possible.

“Client” vs. “Customer”

At the first substantial discussion between us, be this by way of email correspondence, a phone call, or a walk-in visit, I will provide you with a brochure that describes the responsibilities I have to you. This relationship is called an agency agreement. My hope is that you become a client (a defined term) of the firm. This status generates a multitude of services and obligations on my part in representing your interests. We then formalize the relationship with either a Buyer’s Representation or a Seller’s Representation document, and the search for your dream property begins, or in the Seller’s case, I ramp up the marketing machine. Formalizing the relationship does not trap you in any way—I tie it to a specific time frame, and I have an incredible track record of fulfilling my clients’ expectations. My goal is to have you tell your friends about my effectiveness.


I highly recommend that you speak with your bank before you begin your search. Or, I would be pleased to suggest lenders I have established relationships with here. Your search is more efficient when you know your price parameters, and it makes your eventual offer much more credible if the financing contingency is pre-resolved.

The Search Process

Although I have sold properties within a day of the client’s looking, it is normal for the search to take weeks, and even months. I know the market intimately, and I can react quickly if your timing is urgent. I won’t waste your time showing you properties that do not have a fit for you. I will bring to your attention, however, all the properties that fall within your criteria range, and as you and I review these, we will sharpen the focus, eventually selecting only those properties that truly suit what you are looking for.

We will then visit these properties, several times if necessary (and it is usually necessary: never buy on the strength of only one visit!). Once the target property is identified, I will prepare an Offer. I am a real stickler for tight documentation that clearly sets out the Seller’s and Buyer’s obligations and responsibilities, and provides for the contingencies that must be dealt with in order to reach the ultimate level of comfort that leads to a binding deal. Once we have an accepted Offer, I put the property through an extensive due diligence exercise, so that at the end of those investigations, we are sure that you are getting what was represented.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me today!